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Rose State College

Rose State Logo

Rose State College in Midwest City is committed to providing ‘doable’ higher education opportunities. Flexibility is key for modern students who are often juggling full-time jobsRose State Logo and family obligations, which is why Rose State’s dedication to providing reliable internet matches the tenacity of its student body.

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Northeastern State University and Carl Albert State College

Students using computer

Location can be a major hindrance for those pursuing higher education. This obstacle is often present in small Oklahoma communities where the closest university might be several hours away. For many people, completing a degree can often be highly impractical, especially for nontraditional students. Leaders at Northeastern State University (NSU), with campuses in Tahlequah, Broken…

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Oral Roberts University

Robot by ORU Statue

Noel Magwood is no stranger to the chaotic nature of life, but when medical issues prevented her from returning to Oral Roberts University midsemester, she was introduced to a new trial that would save her academic career and dreams—a robot that went to class for her when she physically could not.

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