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Collaboration and Information Sharing Initiative

Commanders Intent

If we do nothing else with collaboration and information sharing, we must hold development events for professional growth for COIT membership and staff.


1. Hold an IT Summit in May each year

2. Central concept for new technologies will be presented three times per year. (e.g. the introduction of cloud computing; Janux)

3. Develop a social media plan which includes both public and private platforms for sharing information and for communication (e.g. LinkedIn, blog, …) Plan will include milestones for implementation of individual components.

4. Create and implement a professional development plan for CoIT membership in which each CoIT meeting agenda will focus on a relevant topic.

5. Define leveraged collective talents, skills and resources (a) Provide training opportunities in which institutions can share trainers and expenses; (b) Identify campus expertise to be utilized in a mentoring capacity; (c) Identify schedule “strike team” membership from each campus

6. Form a professional association which allows us to manage funds separate  from a state agency for the purpose of collecting revenue and expending professional development dollars.


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